Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally

Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) has consultative status with the United Nations whose mission is to promote and support the well-being, education, and well-being of the children around the world. They want children in every nation to have access to quality education that will help prepare them to become responsible citizens that are engaged and ready for the changing world. I was drawn to this organization because I liked the programs that they are involved in and I like their beliefs. Uniqueness, Universality, Quality, and Equality are the four core beliefs that help ACEI with its humanitarian mission.

CURE is an organization that helps children around the world receive surgical care for children with physical disabilities that serious limit their ability to play, go to school, or become a member of the community that is productive. This organization helps correct their disabilities so that the children can have joy brought back into their lives and enable to them to have fully functioning lives. This organization appealed to me because I am the mother of a child with a medical disability and I have seen firsthand how it affects his ability to get a quality education. Working together to help children of all abilities lead productive lives is important to me.

Save the Children is an organization that appealed to me because they are committed to improving the lives of children all over the world and in the United States. Their focus is on protecting the children through education. They also help to protect children from exploitation by teaching children from around the world how to protect themselves. Save the Children responds to tragedies and disasters in the US and worldwide and create kid friendly areas that help children cope. They also protect children who have been separated from their families and work to reunite them. They also have programs to improve the health and nutrition of children around the world.

Job Opportunities
Save the Children: Project Director/Chief of Party, READ Program – Bangladesh
The position is responsible for the overall project management including the supervision, administration and implementation of the READ program. A master’s degree in education or related field is required along with seven years of experience leading an education program and implementing it. Communication skills and the ability to develop and maintain relationships with local organizations to help implement the project are a must.

ACEI has the standards posted concerning Preparing Teachers to Teach, which requires a four-, five-year or post degree teacher preparation program with a professional study and experience recognizing the children’s unique educational needs. The teacher also needs to hold license that recognizes the various levels of education. There was not more information other than what the requirements of the preparation program entailed.

CURE did not have any positions available that were suitable for my experience and/or education. Although I would be interested in a position within their organization or even proposing an educational position that would benefit those children who are recovering from surgery maintain their educational goals.


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  1. Tamieka
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 18:47:06

    Hello April
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I had never heard of the organization CURE. I was very interested in the information that you posted on CURE. I can tell that you are very passionate about this organization, and surprised that there were not any job opportunities. Hopefully in the future you can apply for a career at this organization.

    Good Luck and thanks for the insights on international organizations!


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