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This collage of pictures is a representation of just one of many hospital stays for this young man. This particular stay was 5 days and the surgical pictures were removed due to their graphic nature. This young man, who is 14 years old has been through numerous hospital stays and 13 surgeries. He has also been especially close to his sister and been protective of her since she was an infant. During this hospital stay she was not allowed to visit because she had a cold but she called to check on him everyday. As the days went by you can see through the pictures that he gets his smile back and at the end of the week comes home sits on the couch and his sister wraps around his neck trying to be mindful of his incisions. The picture in the center is them enjoying a night of dancing at a wedding reception a month later.

I chose this collage because it shows how resilient children can be when supported by their siblings. Although there are no pictures of how she struggled while her brother was in the hospital it is obvious that they love and care for one another. Adults who are ill are just like young children. They need that extra love to help them get through the tough times. I believe that because this young man has the extra love and support from his sister that it helps him to cope better and be more resilient. On the other hand I also believe that the sister is growing it a caring and compassionate young lady by taking care and supporting her brother during his medical crisis instead of being resentful of the extra attention that is being given to him during these times.

Children learn from the adults around them how to be caring and compassionate. If they have adults around them that tend to the elderly or other ill family members children pick up on this and learn from it. It is just like everything else children learn from watching and listening to the adults around them. Parents and educators are the biggest influences on a child’s life and we need to make sure that we are using our influence to guide them into the right direction as they continue to grow and develop into young adults.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leslie
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 19:12:26

    Thanks April for reading my as always and your comments are all welcome. You have such a big heart and I love you enthusiasm and encouragement. I really enjoyed reading your post.


  2. russellmochroi
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 19:24:47

    This was beautiful. Siblings have a magical way of cheering one another on. It amazes me to see the beautiful friendships and connections children have with one another. I remind myself that the gift of friendship is beyond words for the children in our lives, which is why becoming an anti-bias teacher is so important! Thank you for sharing.


  3. lacmec
    Dec 20, 2012 @ 22:53:38

    powerful. very very powerful.
    thank you for sharing.
    gregory uba


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