When you are part of a high-performing group, I feel that it would be difficult to leave because you have learned about each other and gained respectful relationships. I believe the hardest group that I have ever had to leave would be the group of people I had to leave this past summer. I am with the same company and I still interact with them but when I was promoted, I had to transfer to another one of our locations. I worked at our Solon location for 5 ½ years and we have not had a high turnover the staff that is there have been there for 6 plus years. We have grown together professionally, watched our families develop and children grow, we have taught the same children and their siblings. It was hard leaving the staff but also the families that I have worked with over the years. I have never had such a difficult time but I am slowly developing relationships with the families and children at the center I am at now. The staff at this location is younger and newer so it is hard to develop relationships because we do not have a lot in common.

The colleagues that I have developed throughout my master’s program, although I have and continue to appreciate the input from each of them, because it has been an online experience I do not think it will affect me much when the program is over. I think when you are in a physical classroom spending time with people you develop a more personal bond with people. It is nice when you start a new class and you see the names of those you have shared other classes. It is a reassuring feeling kind of like the one you get when you walk into a room and see someone you recognize. You do not feel awkward and alone.

As for adjourning from a group, many different things can be done. It is always best to get closure from anything that you do. The center that I work with does potluck lunches for those who are leaving us especially those that have worked with us for years. It is a good way to bring people together and show the person who is leaving that they will be missed.


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  1. Caroline S.
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 13:40:25

    It sounds like the center you worked at has great relationships between co-workers and families! I understand how you feel with developing new relationships with new staff when you do not have a lot in common. Where I work there are many teachers that have known each other for a very long time, or they have kids the same age, or they live in the same community- I do not have any of these things. I have found over time my relationships with coworkers are getting stronger.


  2. ecsthrumyeyes
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 14:30:51

    I admire that fact that you spoke of respect and yes, that can make it hard to leave any group. Working at a place with a low turnover rate can also make it extremely hard to leave. I have found that in the early childhood field, there are high turnover rates because people seem to get burned out. I can only wonder that if they applied some of the things we have learned in this class so far this term, how that could diminish the turnover rates… Respect is definitely a strong characteristic when forming a group, yet making it hard to part when going another direction. Thanks for sharing your insight!


  3. Theresa Calhoun
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 20:31:22

    I understand how you felt changing shops. Once you have formed bonds with the workers and their family, it’s like your one big happen family. Then when you move and become acquainted with new people, it’s hard to find something in common with them. I don’t know when people get burned out in education so soon, but I can immagine that all that paper work doesn’t help.(smile) Like you’ve stated, respecting others is critical in developing relationships.


  4. Edilma Spikes
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 23:10:15

    Transferring within a job because of promotion can be hard, especially as you mentioned, if you have formed a relationship with the parents and children. I am sure that you will do great at your new location as well as with the young parents I agree that closure is needed in anything we do. Pot luck is always a good way of getting together when someone is leaving, to me, it’s a way of letting the person/people who is/are leaving they are appreciated.


  5. Hope Manuel
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 02:34:21

    I completely understand how you felt when you left your center. I was promoted as well and I thought it was difficult to leave the families and children too. I still see the staff because I am their supervisor, but I dont get to directly interact witht he families anymore. Which goes with what you said about leaving the masters program, it wont affect you much becuase you havent met everyone personally. I am now not affected by families leaving becuase I dont see them anymore.

    Sounds like you work for a great program and the last place you were at must be doing a great job especially to have so little of turnover. What a great feeling to be part of a good group and team! Congrats on your promotion.


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