Communication and Culture

I encounter different cultures everyday; this includes staff members, parents, and friends that I have. I do find myself communicating differently with all because when you are with family and friends they have already accepted your flaws so you have no reason to be nervous or worried about making a mistake. They have already accepted you for who you are flaws and all. When at work I take a more professional role especially since I am the assistant director. I am the first person that parents talk to when they call or come into the center. So I have to quickly assess how the family needs to be communicated with based on a brief introduction and what they write on their tour sheet. Sometimes communication can be difficult especially when a foreign language is involved. This is where you slow down and take your time to explain and listen to the family.

I did realize this week at work that I have to be more mindful of my body language and facial expressions. I had a parent request that a certain teacher not be in the room with her child. I was happy to oblige but the parent commented on me being frustrated with her. I assured that I was not but it made me aware that my overall frustration with the days staffing situation and now her request was made obvious in my body language or facial expression. I later called the mom and reassured her that it was not a problem to accommodate her and that my apparent frustration had nothing to do with her or her request.

Communication may not be my strongest asset but it is something that I strive to become better. There is always something new to learn and something to improve. If I did not continue to learn new things or improve on those that I already know I would consider myself to be either very bored or a boring person.

My husband says the biggest thing I have to work on is if I tell someone something they do not like, I cannot get upset or internalize their reaction. They may not necessarily be upset with me but with the situation and if I made the best decision to be made at the time then stand by and know that I did my best.

I think as I continue to learn from this class I will become a better communicator and this will help me with the relationships I need at work and home become stronger and more positive.


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  1. Theresa Calhoun
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 17:11:49

    I am not an administrator but I understand that all decisions are not popular. Sometimes administrators don’t think or don’t care how the person receives their message. I think that is harsh, but in reality you have to do whats best for the company. I sounds like you take things to heart and are mindful of others feelings.


  2. Hope Manuel
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 00:10:09

    I think that the hardest part about being a supervisor is making the unpopular decisions. I think its probably a bit more difficult for us females because we do tend to take things a bit more personally. I always have to tell myself that its not personal, its work and I make sure to explain that to my staff often. I often refer to the old Warner Brothers cartoon with Sam the sheepdog and Ralph the wolf. If you arent familiar with the cartoon, it starts with the two animals usually engaging in conversation and then they punch into work. Ralph chases after the sheep and Sam fends him off. Then at the end of the day they punch out and are friends again.


  3. Leslie
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 00:19:21

    I enjoy reading your post. Thanks for keeping me updated.


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