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I went old school and watched an episode of “Golden Girls.” I remember hearing the theme song as a teenager but cannot recall who in my family used to watch the show. So I became curious and chose to watch an episode.

The show is about four older women living together. When watching it in silence the women seem to show signs of frustration or confusion. Then unexpectedly they will start laughing. There is a lot of eye rolling and here we go again looks when one of the women starts talking. She appears to be telling a story when they react like this. In this episode the women are arguing over a picture and seem to show disgust at some point. Later in the show, three of the women are looking at some journals and they all have looks of disappointment and shock. One woman again looks disgusted and walks out leaving the others just sitting at the table. At this point, I would really like to know what is being said. The women do not seem to be happy with each other throughout the show.

When watching the show with sound, it is actually quite funny. Although the women are constantly bickering and making snide remarks to each other they seem to care about each other. The woman Rose seems to have a story to tell about everything, which is why they roll their eyes. In this episode, Rose finds out that one of her roommates, who is quite promiscuous, may have slept with her husband years before. This is what they were looking at in the picture and journals. They later find out that the pictures were double exposed. This was something that would not have been known without hearing the story line.

I found that they use a lot of nonverbal communication which makes the show quite interesting even without sound. It does leave you wondering what is going on though which makes you realize the importance of verbally communicating with others so that there are no misinterpretations.


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  1. ecsthrumyeyes
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 21:01:08

    I LOVE this show! Reading your post brought back so many memories of when I used to watch it. I have never considered watching it with no sound but can visualize exactly what you described seeing. There IS a lot of emotion built into each and every episode and one minute they are upset but the next laughing. This class is definitely going to challenge me to consider the way I communicate and change areas that could be a hindrance to me properly communicating not only professionally, but also personally. Thanks for sharing your insight this week!


  2. Theresa Calhoun
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 22:32:27

    I sometimes watch that show and they do use a lot of nonverbal cues as well as low tone communication. Sophia is the mother and she is very funny. She just talks without worrying about hurting anyones feelings. Dorothy is her daughter and her personality is somewhat like her mother. They communicate verbally and I’ve noticed that some body language is used, but mostly by verbal. Yes Rose does have a story for every situation.


  3. Hope Manuel
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 23:40:55

    I watched this show quite a bit when I was younger and I smiled as I read your post describing what you saw. I remember lots of eye rolling and what not, but as you mentioned the women do really care for one another and that isnt always evident when observing them especially without being able to hear them. It makes me think about the families I sometimes encounter and how sometimes I may question how they communicate with their children, but once I get to know them better I understand their interactions and communication with one another.


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