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In the NIEER website contains a lot of information about early childhood education and has new articles from around the United States that pertain to our young children and their education. I found a publication about using math and science in the preschool classroom.  I feel that many teachers focus so much on language skills that we tend to forget the importance of these areas with our young children.  This may because teachers are unsure on how to incorporate it into their curriculum.  There is a policy recommendation that, “pre-service and in-service educators need improved preparation to understand math and science content and to provide experiences integrating this content into their teaching practice” (Brenneman, Stevenson-Boyd, & Frede).  If teachers were given the opportunity to attend trainings on how to incorporate math and science, they would see how it helps support language and literacy skills and development.  Personally, I have attended an in-service training for math and science except the focus was on toddlers.  I find that preschoolers are very interested in math and science development.  I have added mud and earthworms to my sensory table because it coincides with our themes for the next 2 weeks and although I was reluctant, the children love it.  They are very interested in how many worms we have and why they have to stay in the mud.  It has been a very educational experience on many developmental levels.

The website has research that is about investing in our young children.  The research article proposes recommendations about closing ineffective Head Start center and giving other programs the opportunities to fight for Head Start.  A collection of articles addresses Head Start, Early Head Start, and home visiting programs.  Although I did not read the entire collection, I did read over the articles, Head Start: Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Children Living in Poverty and Leave No (Young) Child Behind-Prioritizing Access in Early Childhood Education.

I enjoy looking through the website; it contains a lot of information. The website provides articles that are published in newspapers and blogs from around theUnited States, so you are able to keep up on what is going on in other states when it pertains to early childhood education.  NIEER has a five-minute video that shows you “how a preschool curriculum based on solid research builds school and life-related skills, why well-qualified teachers are so important, and how play is integrated into learning” (Barnett).


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  1. Kathy McLaughlin
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 14:49:17

    I like this web site too. There was an interesting article about New Mexico and how their state funded pre K which is reaching some 70% of the children and has improved the math and reading skills of young children since 2005.


  2. Leslie
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 16:09:26

    Great site April. I have this one in my favorite/bookmarks too. Whenever I’m doing research or just looking for information to obtain in my personal preferences I visit the NIEER site along with may others. They’re always looking for ways to improve a childs learning during the early years. I will continue visiting the site for future references. Please feel free to post information that interest you, I’m sure we all can learn from one another.


  3. LaTina Johnson
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 13:22:35

    I use the NIEER website as well. it is packed with information and pass the information on to my parents as well. I have had a couple of parents that do not really understand what it means to be in early childhoo. So I have referred to this site on number of occassions.


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