Relationship Reflection

Relationships and partnerships are important to me because without them I do not feel challenged. These relationships not only allow me to give my love unconditionally but allow me to receive it also. Without close, personally relationships I do not feel that there would be anyone to challenge me, better me, or complete me. My closest relationships are with God, my family, and a very few select friends. They all have given meaning to my life and in one way or another have helped me become the person I am today.

My family is the most important people to me. My children are on the top of that list. All four of them in some way have helped me grow and learn something about myself. I hope that I have helped them also especially now that they are getting older and starting to make their own lives. They each are busy with the activities they have going on in their lives. I find ways to spend and talk to each of them, even if some days it is only through text messages. I make a point to connect and find out what is going on with them and how their day has gone. They need to know that no matter how many jobs I am working, what I am in engaged in, or what school work I have that I am always available for them and they will always come first on my list of priorities.

The relationship I have with my husband is also very important to me because it is a symbol of love and commitment. No matter what we may disagree over, I know that no matter what he will have my back, just as I will have his. The unconditional love, support, and respect is what I want my children to have when they find the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. I see so many relationships now days falling apart due to disrespect, lack of trust, and infidelity, that my children need to see what a real marriage is about. I had my parents to look up to when I was growing up. My father was in the Army, in the Infantry, so this meant he was always gone. We moved many times but no matter how far away they were or what was going on they were also faithful and loving to each other. As a father, he did everything he could to be there when my sisters or I needed him. Of course, he missed some events that girls find important but now as an adult, I realize that the times he was available are the ones that were important because he was with me. I want my children to feel loved no matter what and I want my husband to know that he can trust and depend on me when he needs me the most.

Friends are not how I remember them when I was growing up or how I remember my mom’s friends being. Everyone nowadays society seems to be out for himself or herself and could care less about what or how others feel. This probably explains why the few close friends I have are from when I was growing up. The challenge with these relationships is that we depend on late night phone calls, text messages, and email because we live so far away from each other. If I am having a bad day, I cannot just call and say come by or just show up at their door. We still manage to have strong relationships and stay involved as much as we can in each other’s lives.

My closest and strongest friendship was with my best friend, DeCarlo, who passed away last year. He had a heart attack 3 days after Mother’s Day. I could call on him anytime day or night and even though we lived over 1000 miles apart, if I called and said I needed him, he would find a way to get here. We became friends in the 7th grade after I returned from Germany, where my dad was stationed. We were both in choir and we just clicked. He was the type of friend who told you if he disagreed with a decision you made or was about to make but support you no matter what you decided. He was a ladies man growing up and in his twenties. I am just glad that he found the Lord before he passed and embraced the church. He was considering becoming a Pastor before he passed away. He is missed greatly and not a day goes by that I do not think about calling him about something.

These experiences with relationships and partnerships I do not feel negatively affect my work as an early childhood professional. I have what I feel are very positive relationships with the parents with the few exceptions that you cannot please no matter what. There is always going to be parents that you cannot please no matter what or how much you try. The best thing is to stay professional when dealing with them. I can safely say that I have strong, positive relationships with the children I work with because I treat each one how I would want my child treated and educated. I have children who have not been in my class for 3 years and they still come in at the end of the night to tell me goodnight. These children are our future and I try my best to give them the best of my experiences, my knowledge and me.


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  1. Adaiah
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 23:52:24

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post! Reading about your best friend reminded me of my god sister/best friend/sister/everything. Tomorrow it will be six years since she passed away but that relationship has always played such a strong role in the person that I am and continue to try to mold myself into being. She was the first person who I felt truly accepted me just the way I was and whom I trusted beyond the shadow of any doubt. Her faith in God still amazes me and it is something that I will always aspire to. Having friends who you know love you and trust you and believe in you is such an amazing thing to have and hold onto while you can. I can see that you feel the same way about your friend. That feeling of needing them never quite goes away but it definitely feels good to know that you had the opportunity to know someone so incredible that their faith completely blows you away.


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