Testing for Intelligence?

I feel that schools are putting too much time and effort into preparing children for testing than they are just teaching them. Every time I turn around my children are bringing home so type of practice test or study packet designed to help raise their test scores. Many of these tests are also testing concepts that they have not “officially” learned yet. Many children and adults do not do well with testing or being “put on the spot.” I understand that testing in school over concepts that they are learning are necessary to see how much of the concept the children grasped and retained. I have no problem with this. I survived so will my children. I do not think it is fair to put excessive pressure on the children to pass standardized testing so that a school may get funding or not. It is unnecessary pressure for these children to know why these tests are so important to the schools. If teachers just taught the children what they need to know then maybe they would pass the test with higher scores. Children under pressure are very rarely successful. I am not sure where exactly I stand for testing, I just know that as a mother I do not like to see my children stress out over a state test because the teacher said it is very important for them to pass but they do not put this much pressure on them for test over everyday concepts.

After living in Germany for a total of 7 years although not attending German school, I do know that they are very demanding. When you live off base you develop relationships with the German children who live around you which of course mean you learn about their lives and what they do in school. When German children finish elementary school they have the choice of 3 different schools that they can go to. These schools focus on what the child is trying to do when they get out of school. One of the high schools of choice is The Gymnasium which leads to a diploma called the Abitur and prepare students for university study or for a dual academic and vocational credential. Unless things have changed over the years and I could not find any reference to standardized testing for German students.


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  1. sharee mitchell
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 01:15:58

    I strongly agree with you April. It appears that our school systems have become so caught up in making passing scores on the state tests that they have forgotten what is most important in the education of our children. My daughter is in the first grade and she is already learning how to “properly” take a standardized test. I think that although Germany schools may be demanding their idea of focusing on the child’s future instead of clouding their minds with information that they may or may not use in the future is a wonderful idea.


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